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Berries Earring

Berries Earring

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  • Hand-crafted, individually designed earrings, one of a kind, made to match your dress and mood.
  • Light weight, hypo-allergenic, water resistant.
  • Made from 1/8 thick paper quilling strips in multi colors.
  • Earrings are made in eco-friendly and acid-free paper, so the color does not fade away or stick to the skin.
  • Multi colors and patterns

Each earring is handcrafted and individually designed with an hour or more of artisan work from our private collection because sharing our art is our culture!

How to care for Quilled jewelry?

Earrings are water resistant and not waterproof. They will withstand daily wear including moisture, splashes of water, and light sweat, but it’s not waterproof.  So, no swimming or showering with them!

 Used a clear acrylic sealant to provide extra sturdiness to the jewelry.

 If it gets in contact with water, wipe it with a paper napkin, allow it dry with natural air and it will return to its original condition!


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